Fireside Chat – 17 August 2013 – Saturday Morning

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FIRESIDE CHAT – Saturday Morning, 17 Aug. 2013

Now Is the Time – The Hour Has Come

Fireside Chat

Hello and welcome! Come join me by the fire for my weekly fireside chat. During the course of these brief fireside discussions, I will share some of my random thoughts about varied subjects of interest. Many of these chats will contain knowledge that I have obtained from the many lessons that I have learned on my journey in life. I invite you to share your comments, in a civil tone – both negative and positive. Please note that all derogatory comments will be deleted. Thanks for joining me. It is great to have you here!

For far too long so many of us have traveled down the rough and dusty highways of life with our heads hanging down, and our hearts heavy with the doubts and fears of there being any hope in the world.

For far too long some of us have listened intently to the voices of all the naysayers and ne’er-do-wells of the world who have not only tried, but in many cases have succeeded in thoroughly convincing us that we are just a bunch of worthless nobodies, going nowhere. They have convinced some of us that what might have once been are the way that things will always be. And so, feeling all alone, rejected, depressed, and defeated some of us have chosen to live a life of seclusion and to slowly drown in a sea of deafening silence.

The hour has now come when we must arise from the ashes of life, lift up our heads, and raise our voices to let the bearers of negativism know that they are nothing more than perpetual liars. Now is the hour to serve them notice that although they may think or believe that they represent the majority voice, they are indeed the minority whisper. Now is the hour to let them know that what might have once been, no longer has to be, nor will it be.

We need to pull ourselves up by the proverbial bootstraps and with clarion voices lift the rafters as we proclaim in jubilation, “Henceforth and no further!” Now is the time to rise up and send a very distinct, succinct, and clear message to those who would otherwise try to keep us down and kick us around that we are not just a bunch of nobodies, going nowhere – we are children of Almighty God, and therefore we are somebodies going somewhere.

We are not in this world to live in servitude to any man, or to bow down to any man as if he were our king. It is high time, and indeed the hour has come, when we need to lift our voices together, like the three Hebrew children that were thrown into the fiery furnace, and unashamedly and unequivocally declare that we have but one True Master – one True Lord – one True King – and it is He and He alone whom we will bow down to and worship and none other.

The color of a man’s skin has never, does not now, nor will it ever, make the man. No man is better than or superior to another because of the color of his skin. And so, no man should ever have to feel that he has to live his life in bondage and servitude to another. We are all children of Almighty God uniquely and wonderfully made in His image. We are all special and beautiful in His sight and in our own way.

God has meted to each of us, regardless of the color of our skin, a certain measure of faith, talent, and abilities. We cannot continue to discredit a race of people for the accomplishments that they have been able to achieve, but rather we need to rally behind them as brothers and sisters, and help to strengthen and encourage them to press on to higher aspirations.

No man is a lone island in the middle of a vast oasis, but the reality is that we are all intrinsically connected in that there are some things that I can help you with and teach you if you would allow me, and there are things that you can help me with and teach me if I would allow you. I am not necessarily more intelligent than you, nor are you necessarily more intelligent than me. We are simply different and view the world from different perspectives. Instead of always arguing and disputing over the things that seemingly make us different, we need to tear down those walls of division and begin to build bridges of unity based on our commonalities. If we are to remain warm from the coldness of the world, we must come together and reason together, realizing that we can all share the same blanket of love.