Beware the Talebearer

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Beware the Talebearer

“Listen not to a tale- bearer or slanderer, for he tells thee nothing out of good-will; but as he discovereth of the secret of others, so he will of thine in turn.” – Socrates

It would prove wise counsel to beware the talebearer. The talebearer is an extremely slanderous and scandalous person. He speaks with a forked tongue that is as deadly as the venom of an Egyptian cobra. He weaves a web that is more intricate than that of a venomous spider, ensnaring and entangling his unsuspecting victims. The talebearer often knows a minuscule of the truth, and even that truth which he professes to know in time becomes twisted and distorted, resulting in one vicious lie after another being told. Seeking after the truth, or even telling the truth has never been, and never will be his forte. Instead he basks in the hate and discontent that he causes by spreading malicious falsities.

Those who dare to associate with the talebearer place themselves in peril. At first he may seem as harmless as a lamb, but once he has gained favor, his true identity as a ravenous wolf comes to light. He will lure you into his den and hold you captive there. He will not release you until you agree to take part in his devious behavior. In time you will become just like him, a slanderous and scandalous person who spreads malicious falsities, causing undue malice and discontent.

And so, it proves a foolish adventure to want to tread upon the playground of the talebearer. If perchance you do happen to stumble upon his playground, it is to your advantage to vacate immediately. It will proffer you nothing but relentless stress and heartache to stay and try to befriend him, for he is not the true friend of anyone. He only seeks to rally innocent victims to champion his cause. He is cold-hearten and ruthless, and when he gets the opportunity, he will use you as the subject of the next tale that he bears.

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